Brewers Sign 16 Year Old Shortstop

According to various sources the Milwaukee Brewers have agreed to terms with 16-year-old Dominican shortstop Santo Aybar out of the Dominican Republic. Baseball America rated Aybar the 18th-best Dominican prospect so he is a good player, but young and must pass age verification through Major League Baseball.

I am glad to see the Brewers are starting to sign more Latin American players and stretching their reach. Other teams have been doing it successfully for years and now the Brewers are trying that approach. Hopefully there will be many more signings. The Brewers need to find some young pitching that they can mold in the future. You never know the Brewers may just trade Aybar later on for pitching as he progresses through the farm system. No matter what at least the Brewers are making an effort to get better.

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