Brewers Sign Gregg Zaun To One-Year Deal

The Milwaukee Brewers have signed veteran catcher Gregg Zaun to a one-year 2.15 million deal with a 500,000 signing bonus and a salary of 1. 4 million. His deal includes a $2.25 million club option for 2011 with a $250,000 buyout as well. Zaun is a serviceable catcher who does not have outstanding numbers really not an upgrade from Kendall.

In my opinion Jason Kendall would have been a better option for the Brewers. Even though he was going to cost a little more around three million he wanted to stay and play for the Brewers. it’s tough to find players who actually want to stay in a small market and play. It’s the Brewers and throughout their existence they have always try to save money and for three million more I would have retained Jason Kendall.

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