Miller Park can entertain the fans, but is it all necessary?

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Miller Park is my home away from home.  I count down the days until my first official game of the new season; I’m saddened when it ends.   My heart races during the 45 minute drive to the park.  From the moment I enter Miller Park, I take it all in.  The sounds, the smells, the chatter among fans about their favorite players and how the team is doing.  From opening pitch, to the final pitch, it’s worth it.

It starts in the parking lots surrounding Miller Park, with the smell of charcoal grills, kids playing catch, adults drinking, laughing and just having a good time.  Once you walk through the turnstiles, the fun doesn’t end.  There’s the Kid Zone in right field, the various bars inside the ballpark, the friendly ushers, who are happy to assist you, just to name a few.   There’s even excitement at the end of each half inning: the fan participation games, great music, fireworks, the best mascot, Bernie Brewer, and the Sausage Race.  Who, may I ask, doesn’t love the Sausage Race!

Because of these things, ninety-nine percent of the time, the experience is a positive one, and I have no complaints.  However, occassionally, you have those obnoxious fans who have consumed one too many alcoholic beverages shouting obscene statements, but if you put on your “earmuffs” and ignore them, they will go away, or at least, become a little less annoying.  But there is one “extra” or entertainment (if that’s what you want to call it) that drives me absolutely crazy…..the Diamond Dancers.

My “fan choice games” are usually weekday games and bobblehead Sunday games.  On occassion, I will attend a Friday or Saturday game, which I did two weeks ago against the Astros.  This is when the whole “Diamond Dancers Debate” began among myself and fans around me.  A few of us began to wonder “what is their purpose?”   They do a performance prior to the game, help with the “T-shirt toss”, visit in Bernie’s dugout, hand out goodies to fans, and dance during the 7th inning stretch.  Why?  The stadium is not even close to being half full when they perform prior to game time.  Fans are too busy watching the game to pay attention to them in Bernie’s dugout, and the “Brew Crew” members do a fine job during the week with the “T-shirt toss” and 7th inning stretch.  They can easily handle weekends too.    So I ask, are the Diamond Dancers even necessary?

I can understand cheerleaders for football and basketball games, where there is a significant break between quarters and half-time for the entertainment.  Baseball doesn’t have that.  There isn’t a point in the game, besides the beginning and ending, when players aren’t on the field.  There’s no break in the game for them to entertain the fans.  Besides, we don’t need it.  We have the music, and, as I mentioned earlier, the best Mascot in the game, Bernie, to entertain us.  So it begs me to ask the question again, do we need the Diamond Dancers?  Do other ballparks have these cheerleaders?  I don’t recall seeing them at Busch stadium a few years back.  And, if my memory serves me correctly, back in high school, cheerleaders didn’t come out and perform cheers for our baseball team.  Sorry, but the Brewers don’t need the Diamond Dancers.  They have their “true blue crew” to cheer them on.

I’m sure there are male fans who are going to disagree with me.  I mean, what male doesn’t like looking at women in tight outfist?!  I understand that, but I still don’t believe they belong in baseball, and would not be sad to see them go.  The small sample of fans from that game (2 weeks ago) would agree with me, but I am wondering “how do you feel about the Diamond Dancers?”

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