Another "tough" break for Mark Rogers

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Rogers was drafted in in 2004 by the Milwaukee Brewers, and was once considered the top pitching prospect for the Brewers.  He was even considered for the starting rotation when Zack Greinke went down during Spring Training.  He’s been hampered with shoulder injuries and now carpal tunnel syndrome, and was placed on the DL (possible wrist surgery).  Yeah it sucks, and I felt sorry for him, until about an hour ago.  Yep, that’s when I found out he’s been suspended 25 games for illegal stimulant.  And it’s not the first time he’s been busted.   As I type this, more information is being released about the suspension.  It appears that it wasn’t a performance-enhancing stimulant (such as steriods), but still, it was a stimulant banned by MLB.  Maybe he took it by accident, maybe he didn’t.   It still raises the question of “Why bother?”  Not just Rogers, but any player?  Is it more important to set records, be the best no matter what it takes?  I think not!

Granted, I love to see the homeruns (chicks dig the long balls), and I would love to witness the perfect game, but not if it’s due to performance-enhancing stimulants (drugs, as I call them).  Drugs don’t belong in baseball, or any sport.  Drugs tarnish the player’s reputation, and make it hard for the fans to stand by the player or any record they may set – a certain player, who will remain nameless, is a prime example of this.  You all know who I am talking about :)    I, for one, have more respect for a player who tries hard every day, every game, by doing it the right way.   I respect that player, not the Manny Ramirez’ of the game (he didn’t deny it) .  Go out, play hard, and let the fans respect you for that.  The players who feel they need enhancement drugs, stimulants, whatever you call it, are ruining the game.  Sure, set your records, but at the end of the day, you know you did it the wrong way, as do the fans.

And Mark Rogers, even if the stimulant was taken by no-fault of yours, take the time to reflect on what’s more important, playing the game or playing it the right way.  I saw the potential in you last year (in your brief stint in the Majors) and in Spring Training this year.  You could be a great addition to the starting rotation.  Learn from your mistake, come back next season, and play the game….the right way :).

Until next time….

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