Jean Segura has been on absolute fire for the Brew Crew. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Brew Crew Online Season Two: Episode Nine

Welcome again to our second season of Brew Crew Online. In episode nine, senior staff writers Lou Olsen, Colin Bennett and I to discuss every and all things Milwaukee Brewers for a solid hour. In this episode, we talked about the Brewers’ management scenario, what the season means for the team so far and much more. Here’s a more in-depth look on what Lou, Colin and I discussed:

  • Is management confusing rebuilding with contending?
  • The state of Brewer starting pitching
  • Are the Brewers going to make any sort of move?
  • Why aren’t the Brewers’ producing?
  • Can the team break out of this losing streak?
  • A brief look at the series with the Philadelphia Phillies
  • Can Jean Segura go 30-for-30?
  • Jason Giambi attempting to steal third base
  • Our picks for hitter and pitcher of the week
  • Rickie Weeks‘ upcoming strikeout milestone
  • Players of the month
  • Jim Henderson‘s injury
  • Francisco Rodriguez‘s future in the bullpen

Thank you again for listening. Be sure to follow Lou, Colin and myself on Twitter alongside Reviewing the Brew. We will see you next week and as always, go Brewers!

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