Milwaukee Brewers: What if they brawl with the Reds, Pirates, Cubs, or Cardinals?

BOSTON, MA - APRIL 11: Tyler Austin
BOSTON, MA - APRIL 11: Tyler Austin /
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Pittsburgh fan favorite Francisco Cervelli means business on the baseball field. He plays with passion and that is recognized by the PNC Park faithful.

A popular saying about a respected commander in war is that soldiers would “follow him/her into a minefield.” Well, the Pirates would follow Cervelli into a brawl even if he charged the Brewers.

The Pirates do have some big guys. All but two players on their active roster stand six feet or taller. But, the same goes for the Brewers.

If the tallest guy on the field meets the widest guy on the field, the edge would go to the Brewers. Tyler Glasnow comes at hitters with a 6’8″ frame, but Jesus Aguilar is listed at 250 lbs and that looks like a mistake. Aguilar is a tank.

And, remember, right behind Aguilar would be BPA partner Eric Thames.

These teams both have such big, young, athletic guys on their rosters that visualizing a win for either team in a brawl is difficult.

So it comes down to the coaches.

And Ed Sedar.

Brewers fans might look at third base coach Ed Sedar and think of words like “fun,” “joyful,” and “happy-go-lucky.” Nobody gives out more high-fives than Sedar. The Sedar high-five has become as routine and part of a Brewers home run as Bob Uecker’s famous call and Bernie going down the slide.

What fans do not know is the reason for Sedar’s high-fives. That is just practice for a brawl. Sedar has developed the muscles that support a slapping motion through all of those high-fives.

Now, his slap is lethal enough to knock out a rabid bull.

if the Brewers vs Pirates brawl comes down to the coaches, Sedar will be the difference in a Brewers win. Visualize it and bank the memory.

What might happen in a brawl against the Chicago Cubs? Well, there is some history here. History and geographic proximity that could make a brawl versus the Cubs one that could split families.