Brewers fall to 3-19 agaisnt Reds in past 22 games


I assume that this is what the Reds saw in the 3rd inning


Last night’s game was a disaster.  I will not be talking about last night’s game beyond this paragraph, because I am still upset about it.  Often times it is best if i do not write about something that makes me mad.  For you see, faithful readers,  last night’s game was not even the worst thrashing we have taken from the Reds over the past 2+ seasons.  Now, it may have been Narvie’s worst performance of his career(statistically no, but length of time on mound yes), but the Brewers were able to at least make the final score a respectable 5-9.  Narveson was only able to record 7 outs, which is the same amount of runs he allowed, in just a little more than 2 innings of work.  That is the last that we will discuss last night’s game, so I hope you enjoyed it.

Moving on……

     Why are we unable to beat the Reds?  Last week we won a series with the Phillies, in Philadelphia.  Yet, we are unable to beat the Reds in Miller Park?  I can not figure out why we have so many problems with this Reds team.  This is the same Reds team that had only won 3 of their last 10 games going in to last night.  The Pirates took 3 out of 4 from the Reds just 2 weekends ago.  That aside, they just stroll into Miller Park and start swinging from their knees for extra bases.  Are the Reds really that good, or is it the Brewers who are just not that good?

     It is a little bit of both.  

Let’s all be real with each other for a second.  Other than a few flashes of brilliance, the 2011 edition of the Brewers have been fairly underachieving.  Braun, Fielder, and Randy Wolf might be the only overachievers currently on the active roster.  The list of underachievers is much longer and way more depressing.  Something needs to happen to jump start this team.  My hope is that Corey Hart and Shaq Greinke coming back will be the kick in the @$$ this team needs to get rolling.  Braun and Fielder can not be the only guys to drive in runs any more, otherwise this team will be no better than they were last year.

The Reds ARE good.  They have the NL MVP Joey Votto.  Some of the best young pitchers in baseball today play for Cincinnati.  However, they appear to be underachieveing too.  Even my man Steve over at Blog Red Machine has some concerns about the current state of the Reds batting lineup.  Ideally, if the Brewers are going to really try and build a little momentum against the Reds, it needs to happen in this series.  Last night made it perfectly clear that Dusty Baker and company are having way too much fun stomping on us.  As of this moment, I do not see the beatings coming to a halt anytime soon.

From the ER

  • Takashi Saito says his leg feels great and he is ready to come back, the question is are we ready for him to come back? 
  • Corey Hart WILL rejoin the team today, but Roenicke said that he might not be activated for the game tonight
  • Mr. Greinke will make one more start in Nashville this week and should be joining the team next week
  • Casey McGehee sprained his thumb on the last play of last night’s game, he seems to think it will be fine.  He will be reevaluated by the team physicians today
  • Chris Narveson was suffering from a head cold in yesterday’s massacre

Ok, I have yet to talk about “The Miller Park Hawk” yet, so here it comes.  For the record, he is a Cooper’s hawk which is a very common breed in the great state of Wisconsin.  My only real thoughts on this are those of sympathy for the pigeon who lost his life in the name of baseball immortality.  Not sure why this was a big news story to begin with.  At least fans in attendance on Sunday got to enjoy some live action National Geographic action.  And at least the hawk knew enough to rock “The Ax”.

     Sorry this article is so late today.  Last night I found myself in a blind rage, so I was unable to find my computer to write anything.  Ok, everyone let’s send out those good vibes for tonight’s game.  We need at least one win against them this month.  Go Brewers Go!!!!

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  • beeker

    I saw the link on BRM and decided to check out your thoughts. Nice work with the site. I enjoy checking it out on occasion.

    Shaq Greinke. classic! I nearly spit Diet Coke out my nose.

    I wish I understood why, but certain teams just seem to have the number of other teams. The Reds struggle every time they play the Cardinals. (And it irks me to no end!) I know that doesn’t make things any better, but it IS better than struggling with the Cubs.

    • robbie

      how is it any better? plain and simple it goes like this is anyone suprised that chris narvy isnt any good at all? he had 2 good games and now 3 straight bad ones, idk what the pitching coach has done to yovoni but its been horrible who ever is telling yo to not throw fastballs anymore needs to STFU RF is a disaster so far it wouldnt be so bad except for our spark plug being on IR i mean really it goes like this Nyger plays we win he doesnt we dont…when hart comes back its time to sit gomez down, also i think they should just go with a four man rotation as much as they can and you narv only for spot starts no need to have a shitty pitcher pitching

  • Lou Olsen

    @Beeker – Thanks for checking out the site. BRM is one of my favorite inter-division sites. Plus Steve is awesome to work with. You are right, certain teams just can not figure it out against one specific opponent.

    @Robbie – Love when you comment man, your love of the Crew is infectious. I agree with you about how Yo is being handled, the more fastballs the better. I think they could run with 5 starters, but Narvie would need to be out of that group. I think Estrada, or even Mitre would be more solid options to fill the 5th spot. And I love Morgan just as much as you do. He DESERVES to start in CF once he gets back. Keep reading brother!!!