Milwaukee to NYC: How Braun, Axford and the Brewers Spent Their Time in the Big Apple

Hipster Shaun Marcum throws changeups..in a fastball count.

The Brewers are in the Big Apple, New York City, for a brief two-game set beginning Monday night. How did they spend their time? Well….




Shaun Marcum found his inner-hipster and hit up all the coffee shops…before it was cool, of course.




Want to get away? Zack did.





When Nyjer doesn’t shut up, Greinke goes and chills in Central Park.










Axford and Carlos Gomez took to the Occupy Wall Street movement…but things didn’t end so well for Go-Go.






With the Brewers luck, Gomez probably tore his ACL while getting put in 'cuffs






The Brewers lose Gomez for the rest of the season…to an arrest. But, hey, YOLO!







Now that Yovani finally took care of that mop, maybe Axford needs a "good luck" cut.







Thank God! Yo got a haircut!







Is anyone surprised Wolfottaras went on a date through NYC? No? Figured.





Judging by their looks, I think George and Randy’s date didn’t go too well.







On the bright side, Aramis was just doing what every other Yankee fan was doing.





Aramis decided to check out a Red Sox-Yankees game…and both he and his bare chest took the L for the day.






"Ay, you! Should I cawl on K-Rod or Loe in the eighth?"





To get advice on how to handle the bullpen mess, Roenicke became a cab driver and asked clueless NYC civilians.




Linsanity? Please, Tony Plush is the newest sensation at Madison Square Garden.




Nyjer sneaks away from the team hotel and goes missing…next thing they know and Plush is in the NHL Playoffs for the New York Rangers.





Hide ya kids, hide ya wife?





Rickie lost a bet….and this happened.











Corey went to see the Statue of Liberty and refused to leave. Literally.







The Harry Caray and Tim Kurkjian skits were the strong suits of Tim's SNL performance




Lord knows how, but Tim Dillard and his 1.50 WHIP (which is modest compared to Veras’) found their way into the hosting gig for Saturday Night Live.

Braunadashian? Kraun? Brashian?






No, Ryan! Stay strong, man! Stay strong!


Introducing the new quarterback for the New York Jets, Tim…err-Norichika Aoki













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