That stern-faced lady in the cheese hat is right. We love Wisconsin, we love the Brewers, and we love you guys. We're going to make our site even better for you.

Brew Year's Resolution: The Site

It’s our final installment of Brew Year’s Resolutions!

This one will be pretty short, and pretty easy to handle. Because this is the part where we, the staff of Reviewing the Brew, tell you what we hope to bring to our fantastic audience over the course of 2013.

You have all been fantastic and helped us grow in a way that we couldn’t have possibly imagined, and we want to make sure you stick around not only in the new year, but for many years to come.

All About You!

We want to know what you want to hear about – and we need your help in doing it. What do you want us to cover? What do you like to read about? Whether it’s more live blogs or less coverage about Brooks Conrad (sorry Curt, I couldn’t resist) we want to know about it.

We want you to be involved in our podcast and in our conversations on Facebook, Twitter and in the comment sections on this here website. This gig is pretty fun, but it’s made even more fun when you come along for the ride. We want to remember that, and make it easier for you to do that.

You are the reason we took this job – because our readers make this site possible. Don’t let us forget that, and we’ll make this site even better for you in the long run.

Even COOLER Stuff!

Ok, so you know how we have the podcast, right? Of course you do. Ben does a bang-up job on it, and I occasionally bring in something good. Well, in 2013, we are making a commitment to making it the best we can. That means guests – real ones! – more production value, and even more insightful news and opinions. I can’t promise the jokes will be better, but we’ll do our best.

Beyond that, we are looking to strengthen our relationship with our blog buddies across Fansided and the Brewers Blogosphere to bring you even better news on the Milwaukee Brewers and Major League Baseball. We will continue to work on our relationships with the teas we cover, and we should be able to bring you closer to the Brewers and its affiliates than ever before.

It should be a fun ride – and we hope you will be able to jump on for the ride. 2013 is going to be a great year, and we hope you start it off in a big way.

If there’s anything that you would like to see us focus on in 2013, feel free to let us know! We love hearing from our readers and always take the time to get back to them.

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