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What Was Lyle Overbay Thinking?

Lyle Overbay clearly has no intention of being friends with Ryan Braun.

Overbay fired a few shots at his fellow teammate last Thursday, claiming the former MVP needs to “right the ship with his teammates.” The following quotes are courtesy of the New York Daily News.

He’s going to go through some tough times. Honestly, it’s going to be deserved. As a teammate, I’m not going to be the one to judge him, but there are fans who want to get their opinions out.”

Sounds like Overbay is hardcore judging Braun, doesn’t it?

It’s going to be a while before he gets that ‘welcome back,’ but I think he knows that. As a teammate — we all make mistakes. Maybe some are bigger than others, but I’m not going to judge him.”

Sorry Overbay, but you sound pretty judgmental for a guy claiming he’s not not going to judge.

“I think he needs to right the ship with his teammates. Maybe not necessarily other guys in the league. Guys are going to have their opinion on him, and they’re going to hate him, because he did something that we’re trying to get rid of. It’s unfortunate.”

I’m pretty sure Braun has made amends with his teammates, Lyle. They all want to move on but you’re making it really difficult when you try burying a teammate under the bus.

Overbay, 37, is fighting for a spot on the roster, and spouting off about Braun probably doesn’t help matters much.

I’m not saying that what Overbay is saying is wrong. I have been more than critical of Braun in the past.  I’m just saying what he said was stupid and pointless. Overbay should have answered “no comment” when asked about Braun’s performance-enhancing drug use and suspension. That would have been the smart move.

A veteran like Overbay, who coincidentally played alongside Alex Rodgriguez last season, should know better.

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  • Terry Head

    Just what the readers want is “no comment” It is nice to hear an honest emotion and everything Overbay says is right. To criticize him for being honest and wanting him to say no comment says is interesting in your profession.

    • Justin Schultz

      I’m criticizing him for criticizing a teammate. Stuff like that needs to be kept in-house.

  • Douglas Bath

    “I’m pretty sure Braun has made amends with his teammates, Lyle.” —– really? he made a lot of them look like fools. I doubt they like him at all.

    • Justin Schultz

      Read their comments. Read Gallardo’s and Lucroy’s comments. They’re over it.

      • Douglas Bath

        they are trying to be a good teammate just as you and the fans want. the ratio of baseball players who despise him to like him is probably 100 to 1. It’s not going to be much different for his teammates privately. It’s worse, he made them look like idiots. But that isn’t going to come out in public statements. it doesn’t really matter. we all know lying tools in life and he’s just one who is a good baseball player. there is no rule that says you have to like him.