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First base woes disguised by Brewers hot start

First base continues to be a worrisome issue. It has been masked by the Brewers hot streak and an 12-5 start to the 2014 season, but already alarm bells are sounding.

Preseason left a number of Brewers fans perplexed by the decision to platoon Lyle Overbay and Mark Reynolds, especially coupled with the release of Juan Francisco. Francisco put up a .346 batting average in Spring Training and showed better place discipline than during the 2013 regular season.  However, the strange decision was made to jettison Francisco in favor of a struggling Overbay, hitting just .208 with a mere two extra base hits.

Unsurprisingly, Francisco was quickly snapped up by the Toronto Blue Jays, where he was assigned to their AAA affiliate Buffalo Bisons. Since, he has pounded the ball, with a .349 average and 11 RBI’s in as many games.  Of course, it is hard to compare AAA with the Brewers tough April MLB schedule, but these numbers far outstrip both the remaining first basemen.

Reynolds has shown some promise in his 13 games, hitting 3 home runs. However, as expected he already has a woeful 18K’s in just 45 plate appearances. Furthermore, he is batting just .200, with 5 walks on the season and .059 during the last week (prior to last nights 2 for 4 outing). Bizarrely, this means Reynolds’ OBP is identical to his counterpart Overbay.

It is therefore hard to believe that aside from OBP, Overbay’s performance at first base is even more woeful. Batting just .100 with a pair of doubles, although he at least is putting bat on ball.  Currently, Overbay has 5 walks to just 3 strikeouts to start the season.

So, how bad is it? The Brewers are currently 29th in first base batting average at a combined .169. It seems almost inconceivable that first base output is worse than .206 batting average of 2013. However, aside from Reynolds 3 home runs, there is little positive to report and the decision to axe Francisco looks more ill-advised every day.

The romantic in me wanted to see Overbay return in a blaze of glory and start to pound out doubles on a daily basis, similar to 2004. Unfortunately, Overbay hasn’t been that effective since 2006 for the Blue Jays and the realist knew that once again the Brewers were heading for disaster at first.

We are only 17 games into the season, but a deep batting slump at first is being hidden by positive results.  Surely back room staff must be looking at possible options, such as free agent Kendrys Morales, as a the team can’t afford to carry passengers.

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  • Eric Medrano

    I would love to have Willingham on the team, not sure if the Twins would actually shop Willingham after trading Span and Revre(i think that’s how you spell it). If he is not available then I don’t think Ross would be bad to have as an everyday outfielder. So the question is what do you think would be the Twins asking price for a player like Willingham if he were available?

    • Matt Musico

      I agree with you. Now that Ross signed with Arizona, teams will continue to inquire about him. The Twins already filled up their rotation, so probably aren’t looking to deal him unless they go into full rebuilding mode, which doesn’t look like the case (unfortunately for us).

  • Terry Head

    I will take Overbay for the games he has started the opponent has scored 0, 1, 2 and 0 runs. Check out how far Overbay and Reynolds play off of first vs a RH batter and you will realize how important the upgrade in defense has helped the team plus on saving the pitch counts. Such a small sample size to rip Overbay since he has been up 20 times. The team is winning!

    • Pete Goodchild

      Definitely not ripping Overbay, he was my favourite Brewers player when I started following the Crew and I really like the guy. Just not sure he is the solution, especially anything longer than very short term. He is a defensive upgrade but he has not been an offensive asset for any team for several years. Overbay hasn’t batted more than .250 in a season where he has had 200+ AB’s since 2009. I really hope Overbay succeeds…..