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MLB Power Rankings: Week 7

We have a winner! For the first time in almost two months, the same team is atop my power rankings for consecutive weeks. The world must be ending.

In this week’s edition, the Giants continue to rule over Major League Baseball while the Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros continue to be laughed at. I think the Marlins are for real and I gave the Orioles some much-deserved love.

Let’s take a look at my Week 7 power rankings. Disagree? Bring it.


1.  San Francisco GiantsSan Francisco Giants (24-14) (No change)

Sure, they squandered the Pittsburgh series, beating in-state rival Dodgers three outta four times in Los Angeles was enough to keep them on top.

2. Oakland AthleticsOakland Athletics (23-15) (Up 1)

The A’s have the highest run differential in the Majors. If their pitching can keep excelling, they are definite World Series contenders.

3.Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers (21-12) (Up 1)

According to, the Tigers have an 81.1% chance of making the playoffs. Only the Athletics have a higher percentage.

4. Milwaukee BrewersMilwaukee Brewers (24-14) (Down 2)

Despite taking two of three from the Yanks, the Brewers fell a bit because they dropped the series to the dreadful Diamondbacks. And with Aramis Ramirez likely headed to the DL along with Carlos Gomez‘s looming suspension, the Brewers will be without key offensive firepower.

5. Atlanta BravesAtlanta Braves (21-15) (Up 1)

They are one of the worst offensive teams in baseball, but their pitching is top notch. This is an odd team.

6. Colorado RockiesColorado Rockies (23-17) (Up 4)

I don’t care that they’ve lost three of their last four. The Rockies are one of the most exciting teams in baseball and are making me a believer.

7.Baltimore OriolesBaltimore Orioles (20-15) (Up 7)

First place in the AL East and 7-3 in their last 10 games.

8.Los Angeles DodgersLos Angeles Dodgers (20-19) (Down 3)

This team is frustrating. So much potential, but very poor results. It’s too early to stop believing, but I’m getting worried.

9.New York YankeesNew York Yankees (19-17) (Down 1)

I still have them winning the AL East, but they’re playing average ball right now.

10.Texas RangersTexas Rangers (19-19) (Down 3)

The Rangers have 10 losses over their last 14 games. If someone could please explain to me why they’re still in my top ten, that’d be great.

11.Los Angeles Angels Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (19-17) (Up 1)

Josh Hamilton plans on returning in two weeks. Yay for me (he’s on my fantasy team)!

12. Boston Red SoxBoston Red Sox (19-18) (Up 1)

David Ortiz is going to play until he’s 50. Book it.

13.St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals (19-19) (Down 2)

The Cardinals have played 26 games on the road versus just 12 at home.

14. Washington NationalsWashington Nationals (19-18) (Down 5)

Ian Desmond is hitting .217 after batting in .280 in 2013, and he’s a big part of their offense.

15.Miami Marlins Miami Marlins (20-18) (Up 7)

I’m a believer.

16.Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Reds (17-19) (No change)

They are just too inconsistent right now to warrant any change.

17.Chicago White SoxChicago White Sox (19-20) (Up 3)

Alexei Ramirez is hitting the cover off the ball. If the White Sox had even somewhat decent pitching, they’d be a threat. But they don’t.

18Kansas City Royals. Kansas City Royals (18-19) (No change)

Remember when people thought Alex Gordon would be a stud?

19. New York MetsNew York Mets (17-19) (Down 4)

The Mets only added one tally to the win column this week. Not good.

20.Seattle MarinersSeattle Mariners (19-18) (Up 1)

Who wants to see Felix Hernandez pitch in the playoffs? Too bad. It’s not gonna happen in 2014.

21.Cleveland Indians Cleveland Indians (18-20) (Up 3)

The Indians won five games this week, but John Axford struggled and Terry Francona took away his closing privileges. Is Axford tipping his pitches again? Quick, someone call St. Louis!

22. Philadelphia PhilliesPhiladelphia Phillies (17-19) (Down 3)

A.J. Burnett has turned out to be a great signing for the Phillies, but he’s not enough to push this team into October.

23. Tampa Bay RaysTampa Bay Rays (16-22) (Down 6)

In Week 1, they were ranked No. 8. I giggle at that.

24. Toronto Blue JaysToronto Blue Jays (18-20) (Up 2)

Juan Francisco has given this lineup a huge boost.

25.Pittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh Pirates (16-21) (Up 2)

The Pirates took two from the Giants and two from the Cardinals. They are slowly making their way back up.

26.Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins (17-19) (Down 3)

They have a bright future, but will Ron Gardenhire be a part of it?

27.San Diego PadresSan Diego Padres (18-21) (Up 1)

The Padres have dealt with their share of injuries this year.

28.Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona Diamondbacks (15-25) (Up 1)

 The Diamondbacks have a 0.1% chance of making the playoffs.

29.Houston AstrosHouston Astros (12-26) (Up 1)

 See Arizona Diamondbacks.

30.Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs (12-24) (Down 5)

Are they regretting the contract they gave to Edwin Jackson yet?

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  • LongTimeFan1

    Some Mets fans are just so gullible to the manipulator that is Sandy Alderson. He spins everything and arrives back in same place yet some actually believe that Alderson’s lack of results is somehow progress. This 2013 Mets team is shaping up to be a disaster because those in charge have done nothing to improve it and everything to sabotage it. Stop drinking the cool-aid.

    • Kevin Baez

      To a certain extent, I can understand where you are coming from. I’m sure we are all frustrated with the lack of involvement Alderson has provided this offseason with addressing our many needs of this current roster. Although, I do agree that Alderson says one thing and acts differently, just as much blame should be directed to the Fred and Jeff Wilpon. However, I do think the Mets have a plan, as Wright mentioned, but it is one that will require patience as it will take more than just one offseason to complete, as this team is far from one major piece from contending

    • Sam Maxwell

      Saying this roster are the players that will lead to a disaster is ignorant, incorrect and totally blown out of proportion.

  • BklynCowpoke

    I’m sorry, giving up your 1st round draft pick for an aging outfielder who relies on his legs, and who will make no appreciable difference as to where you will end up in the standings makes no sense.

  • Rich S

    I understand that Bourn does not, in and of himself, make them contenders. But what is the plan for improving the OF? The FAs after 2013 are not great. The OFs in the system are years away. I say sign Bourn for 3 years. Then try to add one more OF via trade, either this year or after this year. At some point, better OFs need to get on the team. I don’t think you can trade for 3. I like the idea of piecing it together, and believe that Bourn can be the first piece. Not to mention, Tejada is not a leadoff hitter. Bourn would allow Ruben to bat 8th.

    • Kevin Baez

      Well said, Rich. Completely agree with you

      • Rich S

        The fan base is so divided on this one! It’s one of the more polarizing issues in a while, over a guy who is still a FA. Must mean we’re all anxious for baseball.

  • Bobby the Brain

    I’m all for bringing in Bourn as the long as the contract is reasonable- 3 or 4 years max at around 12MM per and is not a pillow contract with a opt-out after just 1 year even if the Mets have to relinquish their 1st round draft pick. As Kevin mentioned the projected FA class for OF and even closer next offseason is not that appealing which is why Sandy wants to bring in Bourn and Wilson or Oswalt as closer now. The Mets and Sandy next offseason might be in the position of- all dressed up- finally some meaningful $$$ in their pocket but no place to go.