Welcome To Reviewing The Brew Blog


Welcome to Reviewing The Brew where we will be talking about the next World Series Champion or at least we hope so the Milwaukee Brewers. My name is Ken Watkins and I have been a Brewers fan since the days of the Seattle Pilots so I feel all you pain as well when it comes to rooting for the Milwaukee Brewers and will be writing this blog.

Lately though the Brewers have been moving in the right direction even though some of the moves we have made I have not agreed with, but don’t worry I will voice my opinions about that as well. I will also go back to talk about former players and the past as well so we all can see where we have come from.

I want to hear from all you Brewers fans as well. Good or bad tell me what is on your mind. Let’s talk Brewers all day long.  Besides we all know they are the best team anyways. Check out this mascot the Brewers had real early in their existence. Cute wasn’t he.