Brewers Need Offense To Wake Up!


The Milwaukee Brewers and their fans should actually be really happy right now where their team stands. The Brewers lost CC Sabathia, Ben Sheets in the off-season and Rickie Weeks this season and others with minor injuries, but still are contending. Bill Hall and Corey Hart are struggling to hit the ball and you also need to factor that in as well.

The Brewers are hitting .225 during their last nine games which will not win you very many baseball games. The Brewers were on a long road trip and that had something to do with the problems. Bill Hall is someone the Brewers are going have to decide if he is in their future plans. He is struggling and have been for the last few years. This might be a time where they need to move him or sit him down for an extended period of time. His bat is killing the Brewers right now and sometimes he makes horrible plays at third. Bringing someone in for awhile might be a good idea.

Home runs is something the Brewers have used in recent years to their advantage. This year they have not come as easily as in recent years which also has been a problem. You also have to factor in injuries as well when it comes to offensive production. Milwaukee’s pitching is not the best so getting plenty of run production is something they need to work on.