Punchless Brewers Lose To White Sox 7-1


Yesterday’s game was real simple dominate pitching will beat you every time especially if your lineup is struggling. Chicago White Sox pitcher Jose Contreras was on his game as he pitched eight scoreless innings while Manny Parra for the Brewers was getting knocked around the yard like a pinball. In the end Parra would only last 1.2 innings giving up 6 hits and 6 runs and take the loss. Parra was optioned to Triple-AAA Nashville after the game to work on his game which he needs.  In seven innings of work the bullpen only gave up one run so that is something positive we can take from this game.

Hitting wise the Brewers hitters were just pathetic.  Braun, Fielder, and Cameron all struck out at least twice and the Brewers were held to just three hits over nine innings. When you get three hits in the Major Leagues your not going to beat anyone. The hitting has been a problem all year long and it continues to be very inconsistent along with the pitching. Hopefully today the Brewers will give a better performance then yesterday.