Brewers Top 2nd Basemen Of All-Time


I decided in the coming weeks it would be great to go back in the past a little bit and pick the Top 5 of all-time in each position for the Brewers. Today we will look at second base from the past and include the present as well to get the Top 5 second basemen of All-Time. There have been some good second basemen so let’s get started on this list.

1. Jim Gantner without a doubt in my mind should be number one. He played for the Brewers from 1976-1992 at 2nd base and was a model of consistency. You knew everyday when you came to the ball field Jim would give you the best he could give. Jim was never a guy who wanted the spotlight he just did his job and performed very well day in and day out.

2. Mark Loretta was a player he also played extremely well at second base. He did not play as many years as Jim Gantner at second, but was a steady player who did the job and also could deliver with timely hits when you needed them.

3. Rickie Weeks who is the current Brewers second basemen and is injured right now will be a good one. Weeks has all the tools you want from a second basemen. He has range, arm strength, and can hit for power and average. He is a little too inconsistent for me, but he has all the tools to be a great one.

4. Fernando Vina was a second basemen that if you first look at him you would think he was more of a batboy then a ballplayer. He proved everyone wrong as his small size  did not hurt him at all. He played big at second base and did not mind standing in the line of fire to turn a double player either. Vina also was a very good hitter which always helps out.

5. Pedro Garcia was a Brewer player many people may not remember and that’s okay. I did get to watch him in person and he was a flashy player who made playing second base look so easy. Even though his career was short at second base for the Brewers because his hitting was so horrible. He did finish second in the Rookie of the year balloting in 1973 behind Al Bumbry. His career was short, but one of my favorites and a great guy to talk to as well.