Brewers Glad Twins Leaving Town After Another Loss


If the Milwaukee Brewers see the Minnesota Twins again it will be way too soon. So far this season the Twins seem to have the Brewers number and last night was another indication of it as well.  Denard Span tripled, walked three times and even scored three runs in his first game back from the disabled list to help the Twins stop the Brewers 6-4. Scott Baker turned in another fine performance for the Twins as well. This loss drops the Brewers interleague play record to 5-10 so far. Maybe it’s time we petition the league to stop interleague play at least for the Brewers.

Milwaukee’s Mike Burns made his first career start, giving up four runs and six hits over 5 2/3 innings which it seems to be the norm for the Brewers this season. On the offensive  side of the ball we got three home runs one each from Braun, Fielder, McGehee and that is all we could muster against Twins pitching on this day.  The best thing Brewers fans can take from this series is the Twins are leaving town and the Giants are coming in to play.  Hopefully the Brewers will be able to get some wins against the Giants.