Brewers Bullpen Walksin Winning Run In 10th Lose 2-1


Now you knew this was going to happen as you can only keep calling on the bullpen so often before they start to struggle. Mark DiFelice loaded the bases with a couple of intentional walks and the guy he needed out he walked as the Cubs got a 2-1 vivtory over the Milwaukee Brewers in 10 innings.

For Jeff Suppan  picthed a very good game going seven innings only giving up four hits and one earned run. On most days this would equal a win for the Brewers. The Brewers could only manage one run against the Cubs on this day and leaving eleven men on base did not help. I guess we have to just forget about this tough loss and move on. The Brewers still have a chance to split the series, but it has to start with a win today.