Ryan Braun Calls Out Pitchers In Latest Loss To Cubs


It seems Ryan Braun has had enough and he called out his pitchers in a 8-2 loss to the Chicago Cubs yesterday. The Brewers lost three of four to the Cubs and again the Brewers staff did not fare very well with Mike Burns taking the loss. Of course the Brewers could only managed two runs off the Cubs pitching staff so that did not help.

Braun pointed his frustration at the Brewers starting pitching and I do agree with Braun that it has not been very good at times, but pointing fingers is not the answer. If your going to point fingers you need to do that in a closed door meeting not out in the open as nothing good comes of it.

Now on the other side of the coin when Brewers pitchers do happen to pitch well the hitting is no where to be found. Take yesterday when the Brewers managed two runs or the other day when Jeff Suppan pitched seven innings and only gave up one run, but did not get any help from the offense. Braun has played well, but others have struggled and that also is a problem.

Braun does have a point about the Brewers pitching woes, but the offense is just as much to blame for the Brewers mediocre season so far as well.