Brewers Let Great Pitching Performance Go To Waste In Loss


Manny Parra was sent to the minors to work on his control and other parts of his game. He came back in fine fashion, but still did not get a win. The bullpen wasted a great pitching performance from him and the Brewers lost 5-1 to the St. Louis Cardinals. It was the same old Brewers once again no hitting when you get a great pitching performance and this time the bullpen also let Brewer fans down.

I will admit I did not think Manny Parra  would be back or pitch as well as he did last night against the Cardinals. Parra went seven innings striking out seven and allowing just three hits. That is good enough for a win, but when you got an offense that could only manage three hits against the Cardinals all you get is a wasted performance.  Prince Fielder got two of the Brewers three hits and the first three batters were a combined 0-10. That will not win you very many games.

The Brewers bullpen had a hand in this loss, but you cannot totally blame them. Where is the offense for the Brewers? It has not been where it needs to win games. I do not care if you bring in Halladay, Peavy or anyone else you need to score runs.  The Brewers now must face the Los Angeles Dodgers so unless we get some hitting real soon this could be a sweep for the Dodgers.