Brewers Limp Into All-Star Break


The Milwaukee Brewers and their fans have to be happy the All-Star break is here after yesterdays 6-3 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The same problems that they have had all year came up again Sunday and maybe a break is exactly what they need right now.

Yovani Gallardo who is suppose to be the Brewers ace struggled yesterday giving up six hits and five runs in just five innings. Not a very good outing from the ace of your staff who’s record drops to 8-7. The hitting was not much better yesterday either as the Brewers did not score until the seventh inning, and by than the game was already decided. I guess the best thing Brewers fans can hope for is the second half of the season is better then the first half was.

Right now St. Louis and Chicago are playing better and unless things change in the second half it could be a long summer for brewer fans once again.