Prince Fielder Puts On Show In Home Run Derby


Prince Fielder last night showed the world what Brewer fans already knew he could hit the baseball a very long way. Fielder was able to beat Nelson Cruz in the Home Run Derby Finals by a score of 6-5 and take the title back to Milwaukee. Fielder was making his second appearance in the Home Run hitting contest and he did look much more confident then his last time around.

Fielder has been on a hitting tear the last few weeks so I thought he had a good shot at it, but he even exceeded my expectations. Fielder opened a lot of eyes up in baseball with this win. Fielder plays in a small market and not everyone gets to see what a true talent he is.

The only down part of the night for Fielder was when he fielded questions about his dad who he does not talked to. As usual a reporter had to bring it up instead on asking questions about winning the trophy. No matter what Prince Fielder represented Brewer fans well last night and we should be proud of the Prince we have in Milwaukee.