Brewers Continue Slide As Atlanta Rolls Over Them 9-4


The Milwaukee Brewers came home after a rough road trip, but forgot in order to win ball games you must play well. They did not and Atlanta came in and won 9-4 to put the Milwaukee Brewers at .500 a number that should alarm the ownership, but we will see if anything comes of it.

Pitching for the Brewers have been horrible so why would last night be any different. Manny Parra who had pitched well just did not have it last night.  Parra gave up 10 hits in just 5 innings of work allowing 3 earned runs, but four for the game. The bullpen was not much better. They came in and as a unit they were not much better giving up 5 runs and 2 home runs in the loss. The one word that describes the Brewers pitching lately is pathetic.

Offensively the Brewers did get some runs, but unless they score 10 runs a game with the pitching were getting they will not win.  Ryan Braun and Craig Counsell were both 2 for 3 for the Brewers, but it did not matter as the pitching fell apart. The sad part is the Brewers at one point tied the game just to watch the bullpen give away another Christmas gift to another team.