Wanted Pitching Apply At Miller Park In Milwaukee


Wanted Pitching please apply at Miller Park is the perfect headline for the Milwaukee Brewers and the direction they are going in. After yesterday’s 10-2 whipping at the hands of the Atlanta Braves I think what  Ryan Braun said a few weeks back rings real true right now. The Brewers need pitching and they need it soon.

Braden Looper started the game and lately he has been pitching very well until yesterday. He gave up five runs in just six innings, but not to be outdone the bullpen came in and in three innings gave up another five runs. Stand up and take a bow bullpen for being pathetic  once again. The Brewers pitching in July has been the worse I have seen it in a very long time.  The only saving grace for the Brewers is the teams in front of them aren’t tearing the league up either.

Ryan Braun and a few others got two hits for the Brewers, but when you give up 10 runs that makes it tough to come back from. For the most part lately the offense has been doing good it’s the pitching that stinks. Hopefully something will turn around and the Brewers will get it going. Thank God August is coming it has to be better than July has been. The Brewers play Washington next and if they struggle against them they have very serious problems.