Someone Call 911 Brewers Sinking Fast


Could the nearest Brewer fan will a cell phone please call 911 because the Brewers are sinking like a rock. After Atlanta come in and put the beat down on the Brewers over the weekend a series with Washington was suppose to provide welcome relief. Instead it showed how bad the Brewers pitching really was as the Nationals pounded the Brewers by a score of 14-6. The Brewers are trying to trade for some pitching, but will it really help or be too late anyways.

Jeff Suppan started the game and probably would have been better off just to stay home last night as he gave up 10 runs on 10 hits in just 5.1 innings of work. Not to be outdone though the bullpen came in and were there usual brilliant self giving up another four runs. Glad we got those guys in the bullpen to put out the fire when we need them. Pitching wins championships and right now a minor league team could probably rip apart the Brewers staff. The bad part there is really no quick fixes to the problems the Brewers have unless you want to rebuild the bullpen and starting rotation.

Felix Lopez, Ryan Braun, and Prince Fielder continue to swing good bats for the Brewers once again. The biggest problem in most games six runs should be enough to win, but not with a staff that hands out 14 runs. The worse part you let the Washington Nationals hit two grand slams and the same guys does it to you in one game. The Nationals have only won 31 games, but were good enough to whip the Brewers. We still have three more games with the Nationals so we will see what this loss does to the Brewers. I hope one day they will wake out of the trance they seem to be in. It better be soon or the Brewers could be looking at another season of failure.