Brewers Problems Continue With No End In Sight


Throughout the Milwaukee Brewers existence they have had problems in various phases of the game so watching the 2009 edition of the Milwaukee Brewers is just like turning back the clock. The Brewers are small market club that does not have the dollars to compete against big market clubs and that hurts them, but many times the Brewers are their own worst enemy.

So many players have come through Milwaukee and the Brewers let them just get away. The funny part only a few wanted outrageous sums of money to resign most did not. The Brewers management in short over the years have been cheap and this is why they have no World Series to hang their hat on. Okay, enough of the history lesson most Brewer fans understand their past and how it always seem to follow them.

Let’s fast forward to this season and where the deep rooted problems lie for the Brewers. Now during the off-season the Brewers management had chances to sign pitchers, but they did not get the job done. They also had chances to trade for people, but they never did so the Brewer fans are stuck with what is on the roster now. I blame management for not making some kind of move especially when one of your best players screams for help.

Secondly, before the season started some players lobbied for Dale Sveum to be manager of the Brewers and remove the interim tag. Management again went another direction and brought in Ken Macha another mistake in my opinion. Is Macha a good manager? Yes, he is a very good manager, but not what the Brewers needed. After watching the Brewers play and listening to interviews they are making the same mistakes over and over again. This tells me the manager is not getting through to them. So part of the blame also lies at his feet as well.

Third, the players are not immune from the problem. Players need to step up their game and play better. If your not hitting well then taking extra bp. If your not pitching well find out what your doing wrong and correct it.

So the bottom line is the Milwaukee Brewers have some issues and they can only address them. Over the years this franchise has had chance after chance to get the ship moving in the right direction and I thought they were, but recent actions show me they are the same old Brewers just different management and a different year. It’s the same old song playing and believe me I have heard this tune for years and it’s getting old.