Braun’s Mistake Cost Brewers As They Lose Again


Ryan Braun misplayed a fly ball that cost the Brewers and they went on to lose to the San Diego Padres by a 4-2 score. The Brewers got decent pitching last night, but the hitting was not there. This is the way it has worked lately. We get one or the other never both.

Mike Burns started the game and actually pitched very well. He pitched 5.2 innings and only allowed  three earned runs. The bullpen did not pitch too bad either, but the hitters did not give pitching enough support last night to get the win.

Many people will point the finger at Ryan Braun for the fielding mistake he made that cost the Brewers. You really can’t as he does so much for the ball club. He made a mistake and it hurt the club, but the Brewers should have came back and helped him out, but they did not and the result another loss.