Brewers Crushed 17-4, Fielder Visits Dodgers Clubhouse


Some nights are better to just forget what happen and for the Milwaukee Brewers that was last night. The Brewers pitching staff was back to it’s usual self and gave up 17 runs in a lopsided 17-4 drubbing by the Dodgers that was marred by people getting hit by opposing pitchers.

Yovani Gallardo started for the Brewers and lasted 5.1 innings giving up 10 hits and nine earned runs to take the loss. He was not alone in his struggles as four relievers combined to give up eight more runs in the 17-4 loss. it seem last night everything the Brewers threw the Dodgers were hitting somewhere.

The Brewers did pound out 11 hits, but only managed four runs for it. Brewers pitching hit Manny Ramirez which is never a good sign as Prince Fielder got hit in the bottom of the ninth with two outs and he was not a happy camper at all. After the game he visited the Dodgers clubhouse only to be held back by security and teammates. Now I do not recommend hitting any batter, but it is part of the game, but in a way this is maybe what the Brewers needed a loss like this to get them fired up. I know one thing out of all the guys I would choose to hit Fielder would be the last guy I would hit.  It will be interesting to see how it all works out in tonight’s game.