It’s Now or Never For Brewers


The Milwaukee Brewers are home for six straight home games and this will determine if they are going to be a factor in the National League Central race or just play out the string in September. Right now the Brewers sit 6 1/2 games out of first place so they still have a great shot, but need to make that move right now.

In the upcoming home stand they have San Diego and Houston teams that they need to beat. If we can’t beat these two teams we don’t deserve to make the playoffs anyways. Toss in Pittsburgh, Washington, and Cincinnati rest of the month in August and we have a chance to make up some ground.

For the Brewers a long winning streak would be nice, but some consistency out of the hitting and pitching would also help. Getting David Weathers should help the bullpen out, but the starters deep to go deeper in the games as well. As far as the hitting goes we need more clutch hits as well if we want to win the close games we seem to lose.

It’s now or never for the Brewers and August will tell us Brewer fans if this team is pretenders or contenders. Unless we get it together now we will have no shot at all in steptember.