Winds Of Change Finally Hit The Brewers


I was wondering how long it would take Milwaukee Brewers GM Doug Melvin to see the writing on the wall, but I guess a 13-6 beat down at home helps. The Brewers made some swift changes and hopefully will reap some rewards. They have fired pitching coach Bill Castro who has been with the organization for 18  years. Getting rid of Castro was tough as he played for the Brewers besides being a coach after he retired. The Brewers also sent down J.J. Hardy to the minors and designated Bill Hall for assignment. Bill Hall will be replaced by speedy outfielder Jason Bourgeois, hitting .316 with 36 stolen bases in 105 games at Nashville  Now to be honest these moves are really not out of the ordinary and in my opinion will not really make much of a difference for the Brewers.

The biggest problem the Brewers have is pitching as only the Washington Nationals, Baltimore Orioles, and Cleveland Indians have worse pitching staffs. The Brewer staff has given up over 150 home runs this year which is just horrible. Until the Brewers get some starting pitching they will continue to lose games no matter who they send down or reassign. It is a little late in my opinion to worry about it now as they are sinking fast.