Bill Hall What Went Wrong?


The story of Bill Hall is kind of an amazing story and also sad in many ways as well. Hall started playing full-time with the Brewers in 2004 and in 2006 he hit 35 home runs and signed a big contract a short time later. Bill Hall was a success story many people thought, but after the 2006 season his numbers started to tail off and his playing time started to get cut.

Many people think that Bill Hall is a head case and he may not come back from this latest demotion. I think Bill Hall is partly to blame, but so is Brewers management. Hall does not make wise decisions when he is on the field and some of the swings he makes at the plate forces a manager to sit him. In Hall’s defense he has been moved around a lot since getting a full time spot. Moving him to the outfield in my mind was a huge mistake and really hurt his game.

As he started to struggle the Brewers lost confidence in him and his playing time was cut. Hall also lost confidence in himself as well. People who have watched Bill Hall take BP say his swing is okay, but when he gets in the game it’s another whole story.  Hall is to the point that every swing, every out he was worried about being benched. It is true that Hall needed to perform much better, but playing him and taking him out all the time is not the answer either.

Bill Hall was suppose to be one of the cornerstones of this team and they gave him money to do that. It seems Brewers management would have thought this out better and work getting Hall back to where he was. I guess they thought Bill Hall was not worth the extra time to put in.  If that is true they should have thought ahead as well before they gave him a big contract.