Mike Burns Helps Brewers Stop Houston 6-2


When Mike Burns got called up from the minors it looked like a very good move, but after a few starts he struggled and I thought maybe he was not ready yet. Yesterday, he proved me wrong as he pitched well to help the Brewers get a 6-2 win. The Brewers are now back at the .500 level and also on their first three game winning streak since June.

Burns pitched a great game going 7.0 innings giving up just two earned runs and striking out seven batters. The bullpen came in and did their job as well. If the Brewers can get more quality starts like this they will be fine.  Starting pitching has been so inconsistent and that is a problem with the Brewers right now. We will see rest of the month how well they pitch as it is the key if the Brewers want to stay in the playoff race.

Brewers hitters pounded out 13 hits with Felipe Lopez and Craig Counsell getting three hits each. Fielder added another two RBI’s to his total as well. The Brewers can hit the ball and when they get on a roll are very tough to stop.  There biggest problem this year has been inconsistency in the pitching area. If they can ever get consistent pitching I look for the Brewers to finish out very strong.