Brewers Slip, Sliding, Away As Pirates beat Them Again


Well if anyone thought the Milwaukee Brewers had a chance to make the playoffs, they better rethink that. With chance after chance to do something the Brewers have looked no better then an average minor league team. Last night the Pittsburgh Pirates took it to them again by a score of 5-2 and the Brewers faint playoff hopes got even dimmer.

Manny Parra started the game and made some mistakes which cost him. He went 6.0 and gave up three earned runs and four total to take the loss for the Brewers, In his defense he did not get much run support last night which has been the story all season for Brewers pitchers. If they pitch well enough to win no run support. When the Brewers do get runs it seems the pitching is not there. I guess this is becoming another lost season for the Brewers and maybe time for the GM to decide to bring some guys in and see what they can do.

Prince Fielder hit another home run to add to his total, but the problem is the same guys are doing all the work and you cannot win ball games with only a few people contribute to the cause. I guess it’s time to make changes, but the problem is where do you start. The Brewers have many issues and the bottom line is in the off-season they need to be addressed.