Brewers Pitchers Continue To Struggle In Latest Loss


Milwaukee Brewer pitching has been very giving this year and yesterday was no exception.  Starter Manny Parra yielded three home runs and five earned runs and the Brewers lost to the Nationals by a score of 8-3.  Just another loss in a dismal season that has seen the Brewers go from contenders to pretenders.

Parra has pitched well for most of the season and especially lately, but yesterday he did not have anything working for himself. An error by shortstop Alcides Escobar hurt Parra in the first inning and lead to three unearned runs. The bullpen came in and mopped up, but the game was decided early so it really did not matter.

Besides Alcides Escobar’s home run the Brewers offense really did not do much at all. Ryan Braun got tossed for throwing his battling helmet as well which shows you things are falling apart for the Brewers. Teams they should be beating their not and the frustration is starting to set in. Look to see more problems as the Brewers fall deeper and deeper down the standings. Right now this team is not very good and just watch them play a few games can tell you that.