Time To Start Reshaping The Brewers For 2010


Now that the Brewers have found themselves basically out of the playoffs it is time to start reshaping their roster for 2010. There are many orders of  business that Doug Melvin should put on his must do list. One of the first things is to get Prince Fielder signed up long term. Fielder has proven over the last few years that he is a player that will be around for some time. Prince is just 25 years old and just going to get better over time. Felipe Lopez is another guy the Brewers really need to sign long term. He has played well and has earned to be paid with a long term deal. I am sure others though will look to sign him as well, so the Brewers need to start now.

Now by signing those two players up brings in a lot of other questions for the Brewers such as J.J. Hardy, Rickie Weeks, Corey Hart, and the pitching staff. Personally I think the Brewers should keep Hardy, Weeks, and Hart. Position changes maybe in order for all three, but they have talent and you do not want to give top players away that maybe struggling right now. Pitching has been a big problem for the Brewers this year and will be next year as well. Braden Looper, Manny Parra, and Yovani Gallardo are three guys that you want to keep in the rotation. All have shown glimpses of doing the job, but also glimpses of failure as well. Jeff Suppan and Dave Bush are two guys we need to cut ties with.

The bullpen in my opinion needs to be rebuilt. We have guys out there that just can’t get the job done. We need a closer because Trevor Hoffman is not going to be around forever so the Brewers need to look now. Getting the more out of the bullpen should be something Doug Melvin starts to work on right away. Now as far as managers go they need to consider giving Ken Macha his walking papers. He has not been able to get this team to play better even after a shake-up. Yes, the players play a big part in this, but you cannot fire the whole team. I just do not think he has gotten the most out of his players and it is evident lately the Brewers are not getting any better with him as manager. No matter what the Brewers have some tough decisions. Hopefully they will make the right moves instead of standing pat and go through another season like this.