Brewers Blow Lead And Lose Again To Cincinnati 8-5


The nightmare season has continued for the Milwaukee Brewers and it does not look like that will end anytime soon. Yesterday, the Brewers jumped out to a early lead and it looked like Dave Bush was going to cruise and it all came crashing down. The Reds came back for a 8-5 victory and a series sweep over the Brewers.

Dave Bush looked good in the first four innings, but after that the wheels feel off the wagon for Bush. In total Bush went 4.2 innings giving up five earned runs and took the loss. The bullpen stepped right up and allowed the remainder three runs to the Reds. I mean why would Milwaukee’s bullpen want to shut the door that would be stupid they have not done it all year so why start now.

Prince Fielder had another home run and drove in three for the Brewers. No real hitting stars for the Brewers as they did have seven hits, but struck out nine times. It seems the Brewers can never capitalize on their opportunities and other teams do and that is why we lose and other teams win plain and simple. The Brewers next face Pittsburgh and another sweep would not shock me. The way this team is going I can see them finishing last in their division.

The other day the Brewers put some players up on waivers that contracts run out at the end of the season. It was more of a money issue for the Brewers. One player that has been claimed is Trevor Hoffman which does not surprise me one bit. The sad part is Hoffman likes it in Milwaukee and wants to stay longer so what do the Brewers do put him on the waiver wire. Smart move GM. If Trevor Hoffman is smart he will get out of Milwaukee as fast as he can. It is apparent the Brewers have no idea of what they are doing right now.