Brewers Continue Downward Spiral With 5-1 Lost To Cardinals


Well the downward spiral of the Milwaukee Brewers continued yesterday as Albert Pujols hit two home runs and Adam Wainwright notched his 18th win as the Cardinals completed a sweep of the Brewers with a 5-1 win. The Brewers were 1-5 in their lastest home stand and scored a measly 10 runs in that stretch. If it was not for Prince Fielder’s walk-off home run the Brewers would not have won any games.

Jeff Suppan was on the mound for the Brewers and he did not pitch bad just made a few mistakes that cost him. Suppan went 5.0 giving up four earned runs. The bottom line is when you get very little run support especially against a very good team you will have a tough time winning. Suppan did not pitch terrible, but when you score only one run you make it tough on your pitcher and when you do that he will make mistakes.

Felipe Lopez hit a home run in the ninth inning or it would have been a shutout. The Brewers only managed six hits all day long and the Brewers continue to look like a team that is lost. I look for that to continue rest of the season. Some major shakeups will need to be made if the Brewers hope to contend next year. Many players are probably playing for their jobs as look for the Brewers to dump some of the current roster especially high salary guys that have not produced up to their expectations.