Brewers Pitching Issues 12 Walks In Latest Loss


Milwaukee Brewers pitching has been horrible all year long so it is great to see that they are keeping up the horrible work. Last night Brewers pitching issue 12 walks in a 13-7 loss to the Chicago Cubs. I don’t know about most Brewers fans, but this is unacceptable. I can understand getting beat because a team beats you outright, but giving up 12 walks in a game unacceptable.

Yovani Gallardo started the game and went 5.1 innings giving up seven hits and seven earned runs walking five batters. If he would have been left in any longer he probably would have gotten double digits in the walk column. Then you have the bullpen and Todd Coffey who could do nothing right. Coffey walked a guy hit a guy man he is just plain horrible. I do not see why the Brewers even bring Coffey in the game anymore. Of course besides Trevor Hoffman n0 one in the bullpen can get anyone out.

The Brewers hit the ball decent last night and gave  Gallardo the lead well until he took the mound that is. On most nights seven runs would be more then enough to win a baseball game except if your the Milwaukee Brewers. With the pitching staff they have right now I don’t know if you could ever have enough runs.