Will Prince Fielder Stay Or Go?


That maybe the million dollar question these days. Fielder is under contract for next year at a little over 10 million which is a bargain considering the numbers he has been putting up lately. Brewers management and ownership has hinted they would listen to offers for Prince which does not really surprise me one bit.

The Brewers need pitching and they know Fielder is a big bargaining chip to get some pitching help. The big question is do you want to give away a top talent to get pitching like that. Fielder is young and only will get better. I think the Brewers should look at other options and not even consider trading Fielder. If the Brewers do not lock him up long term right now they will be outbid for his services when his contract expires next year.  Hopefully they will come to their senses and keep him a Brewer the rest of his career.