Brewers Have Many Questions To Answer In Off-Season


The Milwaukee brewers have so many questions to answer in the off-season that could change the Brewers roster in many different ways. First up what will the Brewers do about the pitching problem they have. The reality is there really is not a lot of pitchers on the open market that would fit into their plans. This means the only option you really have is to trade for some and that means packaging some of their current players.

Prince Fielder is one player who has been talked about being moved if the right offer comes a long. I hope they don’t move him, but he is a big bargaining chip they have. He is scheduled to make around 10 million this year which is a bargain considering the numbers he puts up. Rickie Weeks, J.J. Hardy, Felipe Lopez, and Mike Cameron are players they also must make decisions on as well. Out of all those it looks Mike Cameron could be the odd man out as his salary is up there and getting up there in age.

No matter what the Brewers do they are going to lose some good players as they cannot resign them all. Even if they could sign everyone how could they give them all enough playing time. Brewers fans have seen this story before so look for some good players to be gone.