Rickie Weeks or Felipe Lopez Who Will The Brewers Choose


According to various sources Doug Melvin has penciled in Rickie Weeks as the starting second baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers. This puts to rest the thought that maybe Felipe Lopez did enough to challenge for the job next year. Both are talented players and Lopez did a great job filling in for Weeks who got hurt this year.

The main problem recently for Rickie Weeks is it seems he gets hurt a lot and his bat at times struggles which is something I worry about. If a player cannot stay healthy then really what good are they. Now the Brewers could still sign Lopez and trade him away for some pitching which is a thought.

Lopez will be sought after by other teams as well so signing him could be tough. I hope Weeks is injury free this coming year especially if the Brewers choose not to sign Lopez. I don’t want to see them struggle at second base like they did when Weeks went down and had no real replacement.