Is J.J. Hardy Days Numbered In Milwaukee


Will the Brewers try to keep J.J. Hardy or will he be another player who they let slip through and get away. Hardy who started shortstop this year and struggled and was sent to the minors and then eventually brought back up. Many people including Hardy thought his contract had something to do with his demotion, but we will never really know. The truth is J.J. Hardy struggled this year which is a surprise.

The last two years Hardy had hit 50 home runs and was an good shortstop. I do not know what happen to him this year as his average dropped and his overall game suffered. Alcides Escobar was brought up and now will be the Brewers shortstop of the future. Where does this leave J.J. Hardy?

Most people including me think Hardy will be a role player or traded away in a package deal for some pitching. I cannot see the Brewers keeping Hardy just to sit the bench really makes no sense. He can still play the game and is young. I would not be surprise to see him moved. It is a shame as he was a good player that seemed to have a bright future with the Brewers.