Ben Sheets A Brewer Again?


Would Ben Sheets consider the Brewers again? It’s possible. After sitting out all of 2009 Ben Sheets is ready to show people he is ready to go for 2010.  Sheets was one of the best pitchers in baseball during his time with the Brewers even though he did have some issues with injuries during his time as a Brewer.

Sheets should have plenty of suitors if he is healthy. Some of the teams that will be interested are the Brewers, Rangers, and maybe the Red Sox. If  Sheets can prove he is healthy he could have many more suitors. Sheets has proven during his Major League career that he can be a number one pitcher, but his health will be the issue.

If he is healthy I think the Brewers should make a run at him. It’s hard to say what this management will do, but he can’t pitch no worse then what Brewers fans had to endure during the season.