2010 Will It Be Any Different For Brewers Fans?


Brewers fan probably are hoping for better things in 2010 and you really cannot blame them. 2009 was a very rough year considering high expectations were expected and they could not reach them. Pitching was the main problem and that will be something that the Brewers must address. The biggest problem they have is there is not a lot of free agents on the market and the ones that are will command top dollar. The Brewers have been known as a team that does not like to pay their players what there worth. Take Prince Fielder for example it took him a long time to get any kind of decent money from them. When you are slow to pay your top players it gets around the league and players do not want to sign with you.

One good thing though Trevor Hoffman was resigned for another year. He was a pleasant surprise, but the main problem is setup before you get to him. The bullpen was horrible as they blew so many leads and unless you can give Hoffman a lead it’s tough to get a save and wins.  Todd Coffey and others were very inconsistent and finding good setup men is almost as tough as finding a good closer. Of course you cannot let the starting pitching off the hook as they had a very high ERA. If you give up as many runs as the starters did you really put yourself in a big hole. Your asking a lot out of your offense to score five or more runs a game.

2010 is a new year and hopefully Brewers management will make the changes necessary to make the playoffs. I would not count on that though as management seems to always struggle getting the right pieces in place. I guess that is the life of a Brewers fan hoping for the brass ring just never being able to touch it.