Are The Brewers Going To Lose To Much?


With every off-season you always want to try and make your ball club better. The question for the Brewers is how much talent will this cost them. J. J. Hardy is most likely to be traded. His stock has fallen, but teams are still very interested in him. Trading him away I think will be a big mistake. He is talented and losing him will hurt. Felipe Lopez will not be brought back and that also is a shame. The Brewers have penciled in Rickie Weeks at second base which means they really have no room for Lopez. The shame is Lopez played well for the Brewers in place of Weeks. Players like Mike Cameron, Jason Kendall probably will not be back either.

Jeff Suppan is in the last year of his contract and scheduled to make over 12 million dollars. His job is not safe, but if the Brewers cannot bring anyone in and he pitches well in spring training look for him to be back.  Getting Prince Fielder to accept an extension is something the Brewers are trying to get done. They want to build around him and Braun who is inked through 2015. If they can’t get Fielder long term it would not surprise me to see him get moved.

Some of the off-season moves the Brewers make will not make the fans happy, but that is the way baseball works. Hopefully they will not trade away top prospects like they did to get CC Sabathia just to see him leave. The Brewers need to do it the right way and hopefully they will.