Brewers 2009 Salaries And What They Mean


In 2009 the Milwaukee Brewers were 16th out of 30 teams in paying their players. The Brewers salaries as a group were 80, 182, 502. Looking at the Brewers payroll you can see why many players do not stay with the Brewers very long.  Let’s start with the guys who in my mind are grossly overpaid.

Jeff Suppan 12.7 million

Mike Cameron 10 million

Jason Kendall 5 million

Dave Bush 4 million

Now for the ones who are a bargain

Ryan Braun  A little over 1 million. Hard to believe but true.

Craig Counsell 1 million

Manny Parra 426,000

Yovani Gallardo  414,000

Brewers fans wonder why players don’t like to stay look at some of the salaries that they are paid that is all that needs to be said. Gallardo and Parra are the future and together they don’t even make a million dollars. Until management starts to pay better they will never get anyone to stay in Milwaukee.