J.J. Hardy Gets Traded To Minnesota For Gomez


The Milwaukee Brewers have started the wheelin and dealin already as they sent J.J. Hardy to Minnesota for Carlos Gomez.  This move does not surprise me one bit as the Brewers need to make some tough decisions, but this one I do not like. Gomez hit .229 with three home runs and 28 RBIs  in 137 games. He plays centerfield which means the Brewers will probably not keep Mike Cameron.

J.J. Hardy had has a career batting average of .262 with 75 home runs and 265 RBIs in 571 games. I do not like this trade as I thought the Brewers should have kept J.J. Hardy, but they decided to move him. A change of scenery is maybe what Hardy needs. I will be watching and see how well he does in Minnesota.

For the Brewers getting Gomez really does not make a lot of sense. The Brewers probably was not going to sign Cameron anyways. Giving away Hardy for almost nothing was a mistake, but we will see how this works out. The Brewers really did not need this guy. They traded away Tony Gwynn Jr and could have kept him and put him in the outfield. Just another mistake in my opinion.