Brewers Management Contines To Make Strange Moves


Brewers management in the last few years have made some strange moves and you wonder sometimes what they are thinking. I understand a GM is suppose to put together the best possible team, but some of the moves Doug Melvin has made does not make a lot of sense.  Let’s do a quick review.

First they traded for CC Sabathia which looked like a good move, but that was if you could resign him long term. The Brewers were not able to sign him long term and gave away some of their top prospects basically for nothing. A trade that did not help the Brewers except for one season.

Then you have Tony Gwynn Jr who was traded away and for what reason. Gwynn wanted more playing time and you cannot blame him for that. The Brewers go out and trade for Carlos Gomez an outfielder seems we already had one in the fold. I know Mike Cameron was in the picture, but management needs to start thinking long term before making these moves.

Now the Brewers have traded J.J. Hardy a guy who made the all-star game in 2007. Hmmm very interesting indeed. They took Bill Hall and played him almost everywhere because  they did not want to lose him. Maybe Hardy only wanted to play shortstop who knows. Trading him away was a mistake if you ask me, but we will see.

Now the GM is telling people the Brewers may have to take chances on some pitchers who have been injured before as there is not a lot out there to choose from. The way it is looking Brewers fans another long season in 2010.