Is Felipe Lopez In The Cards For Milwaukee


The Milwaukee Brewers have some very tough decisions and one involves Felipe Lopez who came over from Arizona and played extremely well for the Brewers. Lopez batted a career-best .310 with 88 runs scored and a .383 on-base percentage. Lopez was relatively reasonable at $3.5 million salary, but is seeking a long-term deal which the Brewers may not want to give. This brings in Rickie Weeks and how healthy he really is. He was gone for almost all the season, but has been penciled in as the starting second basemen.

The Brewers are pretty well set so it will come down will Lopez accept a role as a part-time player. I just do not see him doing that. He will rather go sign with a club that will make him an everyday player. The Brewers also have a very tight budget so they may not be able to give him the type of contract that he is seeking anyways. It’s a shame because he played well and did everything you could ask of him. Losing a player like that is never good, but it’s the baseball climate we live in.