Pitching, Pitching, And More Pitching On Doug Melvin’s Mind


Milwaukee Brewers GM Doug Melvin has indicated going into the Winter Meetings that pitching is paramount on his list of things to get accomplished. Now as a long time Brewer fan many times this is just good lip service. The truth of the matter the Milwaukee Brewers have put themselves in this position and have no one to blame but themselves. The list of top free agents the Brewers can afford are really thin so Melvin’s options are really limited. It’s good lip service to talk about who you want, but only a couple of guys are really on the radar.

The problem with the Brewers is they really have not restocked the farm system with good pitching talent and that is where it all begins. Teams that build their farm systems up especially with pitching talent seem to have no problems finding pitching. A few years back the Brewers had one of the better farm systems, but have seem to slip lately. More emphasis needs to be getting better pitching talent than you will not have to worry about pitching and having to pay a mint for a pitcher who may have damage goods.